What is

In 1997 I set my first steps on the internet. It was an exciting period, discovering the internet, creating my first html-page, dedicated to one of my favorite sopranos Montserrat Figueras, and looking for a host to upload my site etc., offered a free service at that time and the possibilities to realize my plans.

In 2009 Geocities was taken over by Yahoo and its free services came to an end in the same year. I had to find another way to host my site. After four years of using Yahoo's Small Business hosting, I decided that is was time for a change, another host. The domainname was chosen in memory of Geocities (city = stad in Dutch).

New mission

Perhaps mission is too big a word, but let's say, it keeps me off the streets. My new mission is not a complex one. I like music and other forms of arts and like to share my interests with other enthousiasts. The idea of 'good old' Geocities with citynames and areas to store and share information appealed to me.  

Mike Heemskerk